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Wire Brush Finish

wire brush flooringAs with the vast and complex array of hardwoods available to home builders today, there are a variety of finishes from which homeowners can choose. From natural oils, to waxes, from hand-scraped finishes to wire brushes, there are choices for everyone. However, homeowners need to think about the overall look they’re trying to create prior to investing in their flooring materials.

Wire brushing’ is a common technique used by homeowners looking to create more of a traditional atmosphere in their home. The process involves taking a wire rotary brush (or another type of wire brush) and aggressively spinning it along the surface of the wood – typically, the softer layer – giving it a more textured, or ‘weather-worn’ look. Depending on the square footage involved, it might be more economical to engage a machine for the brushing versus doing it manually. At the very least, it will save you a lot of time.

Some homeowners claim that their textured brushed floors have a tendency to show less wear and tear than, say, floors with a smoother finish. Be that as it may, know that brushed floors are harder to clean since dirt and grime tend to lodge themselves more deeply into the grooves and crevices made by brushing.

Finally if you’re leaning toward a wire-brushed finish look, you will need to consider the ramifications of any future ‘sandings’ you take on for that floor. By nature, the surface of a brushed floor tends to be more uneven than that of a sanded floor. Hence, any future sanding you may do probably won’t result in a smooth, homogenous floor. In fact, the outcome could be a real eye sore. Of course, you could always sand very deeply, but if you’re working on engineered wood, you would probably wear right through the outer wear layer.


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