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Tips from Your New Jersey Flooring Company

Check out the most recent articles from Floor Town below for tips on Flooring and more from our New Jersey Flooring Company.

Avoiding Moisture Damage and The Repair Costs Associated With It

The NWFA* admits to an estimated $1 billion** a year in moisture-related damages to flooring. If you want to avoid the many hassles tied to natural moisture fluctuations in your home, it behooves you to choose a professionally trained installer from the get-go. Before ‘breaking ground’ on your flooring project, a well-trained flooring installer will […]

Six Questions You Should Ask Your Flooring Consultant

1. How long have you been in business? The longer a local flooring store has been in business, the greater the likelihood it has been ‘endorsed’ by the community. Notwithstanding the larger ‘Big Box’ stores (which benefit from greater buying power and marketing support than their less-known counterparts) smaller and privately owned flooring stores must […]

What’s a Better Choice for My Floors – Engineered or Solid Hardwood?

Falsehood: a lack of conformity to truth or fact: inaccuracy – The American Heritage Dictionary Unfortunately there are many ‘falsehoods’ attributed to Engineered Hardwoods today. If you’re not well informed, you could be easily steered down the wrong path when choosing the most suitable hardwood flooring for your home. Homeowners are frequently confronted with these six […]

General Contractor, or Professional Installer?

Would you go to your regular General Physician if you needed dental work? No. You would choose a dentist! The same logic applies to hiring a professional, certified flooring installer to install your floor over a general contractor (GC). That’s not to suggest that some GC’s aren’t much credentialed in some areas of their trade. […]

What Chemicals do I Need to Lookout for When Installing New Flooring In my Home?

FORMALDEHYDE – What Is It, Where Does It Come From, and What Are Its Effects On Air Quality?According to the National Cancer Institute – (a Division of the National Institutes of Health) – Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong- smelling gas used in making building materials and other household products. It is one of the ingredients […]

Why Say Yes To Floor Design Consultation Service

Many people shy away from a design consultation service for one reason or another. Perhaps they believe they will be pushed into choosing something they won’t really like, maybe they think they don’t have the time, or maybe they think they already know what they want. Some of us have a natural knack of putting […]

What New Jersey Residents Should Know About Installing Flooring in Their Basements

If you are finally going to finish your New Jersey basement, one of the major factors that you should consider is your flooring. The basement presents a number of unique problems when it comes to flooring, namely non-level concrete sub-floors and moisture. As such, whenever you decide to install flooring in this room, it is […]

How to Restore the Beauty of the Hardwood Floors in Your New Jersey Home

At some point in time, every hardwood floor become damaged, faded, or otherwise unsightly. Far too often, homeowners think that they have only one solution to this problem, complete removal and replacement. However, there is a great alternative; specifically, you can sand and refinish your hardwood floors. If you are interested in hardwood floor refinishing, […]

Common Problems Our New Jersey Hardwood Flooring Contractors Can Help You Avoid

On the one hand, a newly installed hardwood floor is a thing of absolute beauty. The natural warmth and stunning grain of these materials is highly rewarding and a joy to look at. On the other hand, nothing is worse than having made the investment only to have certain problems arise shortly after installation. The […]

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If you are interested in more tips from our New Jersey Flooring Company, please call Floor Town at 201-261-8848 or complete our online request form.