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Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hickory is one of the denser, more resistant hardwoods available in the United States, along with a lower price tag, making it a cost effective option for people seeking bargains.

A most popular choice in many residential homes, hickory is a highly durable wood, has among the highest rankings on the Janka Hardness Scale* (approximately 1,800 – higher than Maple or Oak), and stands up particularly well to scratches and dents in high-traffic areas. (Adding a protective mat finish will also help hickory absorb the scratches more easily.) Hickory’s grain is coarse, very complex in its appearance, and offers a range of patterns and color tones that most hardwoods do not. Because of this complexity, only a highly experienced installer will know how to install the planks in such a way that the boards appear seamless rather than patchy. Someone with just a few years’ worth of experience under his/her belt will, in all likelihood, leave your floor looking ‘patchy.’

Hickory’s overall stability makes it less likely to expand and contract in varying climates and temperatures. That is one of the reasons hickory was used in the making of boats and wine barrels for over a century.

Provided your hickory floor has been protected with the appropriate finish coat, and that you follow the manufacturers’ maintenance guidelines, it will maintain its elegant look for a very long time.

*The Janka Hardness Scale is the official and accepted measure of a woods’ natural resistance to denting and wear.

Source:;; (home flooring pros)

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